Eillis Elementary
Community Council Minutes
September 9, 2019, 2019
Conference Room @ 3pm


  • Cori Bingham
  • Justin DeRose
  • Doug Beach
  • Paige Banks
  • Renee Nolan
  • Katie Nielson
  1. Welcome- Justin DeRose
  2. Approve Minutes from May 7, 2019
    • Minutes Approved
  3. Introductions
    • School: Mr. Beach, Katie, Paige
    • Parents: Renee, Justin, Cori
  4. Overview and Community Council & Goals
    • Review the 3-ring binder.
      • Roster
      • Budget review (no carryover from last year); skip down to Goal #1 and #2:
        • this year's tentative budget is very similar.
        • $8900 for Americorp (1900 hr requirement) + 150 hr community service.
        • United Way- picked up the Americorp Federal grant.
        • $3500 for transportation subsidized by state grants.
      • Parent involvement night required for Title 1. Funds one position. Still waiting on this year's budget . (last year was $1200).
      • Title money this year was less, based on last year's n=298 students, but need more free/reduced lunch forms. Qualification starts Oct. 1.
      • Thurs. 6pm Community Council training.
        Action Item: Doug email Karol Maroquin about training.
  5. President and Vice-President Elections - Amy 10 minutes
    President: Justin DeRose
    Cori nominated for vice-chair, seconded by Katie
  6. Concil Membership- Principal Beach
    See (V)
  7. Funding Report from last year- Principal Beach
    See above (IV)
  8. Parent Involvement Nights
    • Doug recommends some kind of ground-breaking for the new building.
      Timing unsure...
    • Literacy night or STEM night
    • Gear up grants - College prep type of approach, for k-5. Bring in dept from USU. Post-high school planning.Probably later in hte year (spring). Pin pennants from Ellis alum to showcase who has gone to college. Promulgate the idea that you can get to college from here (Ellis).
  9. Other Plan Amendments
    Missing a few hours for aid. MOve $$ from PLC to instructional assistane ($7500). Extra state of Utah money was sued for PLC, that will partially cover the about amount. Match from district covers the original $7500. Proposal to move $7500 from salary to instructional . assitance?

    • Cori motioned to approve this proposal
    • Renee 2nd
    • All approved
    • Amendment plan will need to be written by Doug.- Move $7500 from PLC to instructional assistance.
  10. Adjournment
  11. Next Meeting
    • October 14, 2019