Ellis Elementary
Community Council Minutes
December 7, 2017
Conference Room @ 3pm


  • Doug Beach
  • Amy Anderson
  • Farina Buttars
  • Betsy Clark
  • Camrie Durocher
  • Katie Nielsen
  • Michelle Selui
  • Cori Bingham
  1. Call to Order: Amy Anderson
  2. Welcome/Introductions: Doug Beach
  3. Committee Leader Remarks
  4. Agenda Items
    • Updates- Doug Beach
      • Give a gift to the school neighbors
      • Teacher of the Year nominations
      • Attendee Remarks
    • Traffice Drop-off/Pick-up
      • Community Council will work on putting the notes on the car Michelle a couple of days, and cori in the afternoon
      • Send home a message this week, and a note in January
    • Trustlands Budget
      • No updates
      • New aides are working out great
    • Parent Involvement Night
      • January 22nd @ 5:30pm
        • Food Science, Small Sat, USU Physics (Betsy): Physics club might be here, Aggie Ice Cream said no, Aviations no response.
        • Space Dynamics (Michelle)
        • Home Depot (Cori): They will be here
        • Paul Sanders (Farina): Will be here
        • BATC (Katie): Their electronics teacher will be here
        • Logan Library (Amy): Will have a 3D Printer
        • Amy will do advertisement
        • Doug will talk to teachers about assignments & find out our budget
        • Prizes: Michelle
        • Food:later
        • Amy will ask Logan High
      • May 18th Cultural Night @ 5:30
  5. Approval of Previous Minutes
    • Camrie motioned
  6. Adjournment
    • Camrie motioned
    • Farina 2nd
    • All in favor