Ellis Elementary
Community Council Minutes
November 6, 2018
Conference Room @ 3PM

  1. Welcome- Amy (1 minute)
  2. Approve Minutes from October 2, 2018- Amy (3 minutes)
  3. ESP of teh Year- Doug (10 minutes)
    • Decided
  4. Review School Improvement Plan- Doug (10 minutes)
    • Possilble improvement from last year with addition of an aid, but Doug doesn't have data from earlier in the year. Still though work this year.
  5. Appropriate Expenditures- Doug (10 minutes)
    • The loss from estimated distributions (see page 3) was taken from the Professional and TEchnical Service section (see page 2).
      • Montioned
      • 2nd
  6. Future Parent Involvement Nights & Dates- (10 mintues)
    • STEAM Night (STEM)
      • Discussion of inviting Frank Cole for a reading during the same week as his new book "kick-off"(January 16th or 17th)
      • Who would we bring in for
        • Art
        • Literacy
        • Science
      • Anticipate 5:30-6:30 that night.
      • Some possilbe sources include:
        • Usborn books
        • Cache Valley Storytelling
        • Unicorn Theatre
        • High School drama
        • Cowboy Poets
    • Cultural Heritage Night
      • Tentative Date or May 20th(Monday) Need to establish soon to get best vendors!
      • Some cultural activities besides good might be:
        • Learning songs by grade.
        • Bring in diversity clubs (e.g. high school)
        • Do art projects in ASC.
  7. Drop-off/Pick-up Safety- Amy (10 minutes)
    • What a mess! Why are people pulling into the preschool parking lot? Not sure what we can do about it...
  8. Questions and Comments- Open (5 minutes)
    • Some discussion about the "new" Ellis. Will they add on a build new?
  9. Adjournment- Amy (1 minute)