Eillis Elementary
Community Council Minutes
March 5, 2019, 2019
Conference Room @ 3pm


  • Doug Beach
  • Emily Wengert
  • Katie Nielsen
  • Farina Buttars
  • Justin DeRose
  • Kory Bingham
  • Karol Marroquin


  1. Welcome (1 minute)
    1. Justin DeRose led meetin gin place of Amy.
  2. Approve Minutes from February 5, 2019 (3 minutes)
    1. Motioned and approved
  3. Current Plan Addendum - Doug (15 minutes)
    1. Discuss the budget addendum.
    2. Salaries have some extra.
    3. We're not going to spend Tech budget this year.
    4. Transportaion,e.g., University, Eccles Theatre.
    5. Overage on software (+2500) will be covered by Mr. Beach.
    6. We tried to stay within 10%.
    7. Plus, the realignment at the DIstrict also bumped our total operating budget down.
    8. What we would like t do is update the outdated Chromebook labs (2, 6K each).
    9. Motion to move tech services to chromebooks, seconded and approved.
    10. Point that we need to spend our trust $ on technology because elementary doesn't get dedicated tech money.
  4. Ellis School Improvement Plan for 2019-2020 - Doug (15 minutes)
    1. Use the PLC to identify essential learning, monitor, and assessment. Including field trips with the focus to increasing vocabulary.
    2. Use Americorp to bolster attendance. Also, to assist with struggling readers. Attendance is still our primary goal. This is especially strong for poverty, and second-language English folks.
    3. PLC conference possibilities in 2019-2020. PHX or SEA. Send 8 this year. Another possibility is to bring the leader to us for teaching.
    4. Motion to approve, as written, under assumption that grade-specific standards will be written in. Approved
  5. Parent involvement night follow-up - (20 minutes)
    1. Advertising?
    2. Food? Book worms with poster. We'll bring a bowl for distribution.
    3. Teacher Support? Do we need any parents?
    4. Thursday, Frank Cole parent night.
  6. Comments and Input - General (5 minutes)
    1. Any comments?
  7. Adjournment - Amy (1 minute)