Eillis Elementary
Community Council Minutes
January 8, 2019
Conference Room @ 3pm

  1. Welcome- Amy (1 min.)
  2. Approve Minutes from December 6, 2018- Amy (3 min.)
    • Motioned
    • Approved unanimously
  3. Follow-up drop-off/pick-up- Amy (10 min.)
    1. Cones?
    2. Walking Preschool to curb?
    3. Cones are ordered. Probably have a salaried employee enforce. Likely get the fourth graders to take responsibility for cones, or leave them there all day.
  4. Parent Involvement Night- Amy (30 min.)
    1. Dates?
    2. Advertising?
    3. Food?
    4. Events?
    5. Teacher Support?
    6. Frank Cole on Mar. 7 th at 5pm. Once Frank’s pinned down we’ll call everyone else. New ideas include book exchange sponsored by parent’s students. Also, discussed the idea of buying books from Scholastic to reward the students that night—literacy night. Grade-appropriate $1 books for each grade (Taylor). Discussion about 3 break-outs, including Frank, prior to handing out books and food?
  5. Comments and Input- General (10 min.)
    • Teacher of the year coming up in Feb. Trust land updates Feb. and Mar. utahschoolgrades.schools.utah.gov to find the performance of Ellis students. 39% of Ellis is ESL.
    • Update on the Ellis school building from Doug. 7 million could be spent on upgrades without making the school bigger. Going to 2 stories, a new building would not fit on the current footprint. Big concern regarding bussing the kids for an entire year. Doug is trying to get involved with the architect so a new building could have some things that educators need.
  6. Adjournment- Amy (1 min.)
    • Motioned
    • Approved