Ellis Elementary
Community Council Minutes
December 6, 2018
Conference Room @ 3pm

  1. Welcome- Amy (1 minute)
  2. Approve Minutes from November 6, 2018
    • Motioned
    • 2nd
    • All in favor
  3. Review Trustlands Plan Budget and Amendments- Doung (20 minutes)
    • Oct. addendum to budget did not go through.
    • Doug will shift the balance -7,000(past carryover) and submit it to the board.
    • No motion needed because it wasn't officially submitted.
  4. Review drop-off/pick-up- Amy (20 minutes)
    • Doug Beach has been telling parents not to pull inot the west-side lot. We talked about a barricade, or gate, or flags. Cones seemed to work in the past. Hire Mr. Mattison to direct traffic out on the west and out front--or someone like him. Another possiblity is that the preschool teachers could help offload kids. Some helpful 5thor 4thgraders could be used.
  5. Parent Involvement Night- Amy (20 minutes)
    • Art night possibility. Literacy night? Frank Cole week of Jan. 16th. AR/USU is scheduled right no top of Frank Cole. Women's basketball indoor, free tickets for our kids. Cowboy poetry, student readers, Cache storytellers, Mickelson all on the same night. Sign up for the library card. Have the library bring green screen for Read Posters. Employ a punch card for the kids and award them a book upon completion.Waiting for Frank Cole date...OR
    • One author in the gym and other breakout activites (read poster, storytelling, etc.) Settle on last week of Feb. or first week of March.
    • Action Items
      • Amy- Read Poster
      • Doug Beach- get Frank Cole/dates, find out about Whitesides, Cache Valley
  6. Comments and Input- Amy (10 minutes)
    • Bring up the new Ellis school options. Need community input. Review the meeting from Dec. 5th with Frank Scoffield (last night). Multiple options regardign new school, remodel, busing to Hillcrest, buying 3rd West homes....etc.
  7. Adjournment- Amy (1 minute).