Exciting News!

Students this week have been busy and excitedly finishing sewing up stuffed bears, programming games and learning about the Olympic games! We are excited about our Parent Night on the 22nd! Our theme is the Olympics and we will have a bunch of great games and crafts for the whole activity along with a sweet treat. We also have a field trip to the library coming up on the 27th for K-2 and the 28th for 3-5. Students will be participating in fun science experiments! Permission slips have been handed out and must be turned in for the students to be able to participate. Please let us know if you need an extra permission slip.

Great things to come!

-Ellis ASC

Welcome Back!

We are starting off this session right with a field trip to Cache Valley Athletics and a lot of great clubs. We have a guest this month teaching one of our clubs how to sew stuffed bears for children in the hospital. Super Smash club is learning about how to program games and our three other clubs are focusing on getting in the Olympic spirit by learning about winter Olympic sports.